Band Shelving

Various (modular)

Knight Table Light

H260, D225

Step Stool High

H720, W395, D41

TV Table

H360, L1800/2400, D400

Beach Seat

H430, L1800, W350

Clean Dining Chair

H630, W410, D410

Garden Bench

H430, L1960, W430

Sled Dining Chair

H850, W450, D515

Steel Armchair

H700, W625, D625

Intersection Armchair

H700, W700, D700

Prototype Pendant 2011


Ongoing commissions and one offs are a regular part of this design studio's portfolio. Whether it be a customised version of a production item or a new product altogether, the resources are available to turn an idea into reality. These products have been developed over the years with either exhibition, private commission or commercial project focus in mind.


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