Laser cut, folded and powder coated steel.
Shelf: 600(high) x 400(wide) x 105(deep)
Bookend: 240(high) x 160(wide) x 100(deep)

I invite you to discover the Okewa shelf and Awha book ends. Both feature soft lines combined with a white and grey colour palette which are strongly reminiscent of cloud formations, allowing you to bring a little of the outside in. Okewa and Awha are constructed out of 3mm laser cut, folded and powder coated mild steel and comprise of a floating wall shelf, in combination with either a left or right hand book end. The bookends can be placed either horizontally or vertically on the shelf, or both. They act to dissect the smooth, harmonious silhouette that the shelf evokes with not only their form, but also their colour. When combined together the user is able to create their own individual landscape.


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